Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Board Meeting May 6, 2015

Present: John, Chris, Edie

Absent: Tim, Marti Visitors: none

Old Business:

1. Equipment purchases: The board ok'd buying a new vacuum, kitchen equipment including a rice cooker, and a robe closet for the library. Chris will look into robe closets that can be ordered online.

2. Software update: Progress has been made, but slows down when the tech crew gets busy with other projects, which has been the case. The cost increase from $100 to $130 per month was discussed, including whether to pay ahead for 12-24 months to keep the fee at $100 for up to 2 more years. This topic will be discussed again at the June meeting.

3. Sexual misconduct prevention training: The board supports some members of the sangha getting this training. Staff training should be put into the next budget to cover this area.

4. Sangha Stewards: No new nominations have been suggested by sangha members. We discussed ways to encourage more involvement from the sangha, including having a discussion during a Wednesday night. This discussion will be continued at the June meeting.

5. The board approved merging our 2 bank accounts. Marti and John will coordinate that consolidation.

6. Puget Sound Energy Bill: We got a notice that our bill is 17-27% higher than comparable non-profit organizations. This may be due to more use of the building, not turning the heat down after use, or having the settings too high. Edie will also ask Don McClary check the downstairs floor heaters to see if they are working properly. We will also change signs on the thermostats suggesting that heat be set at 60 degrees instead of 70 degrees.

New Business:

1. We received a request for donations from the Steilacom Buddhist Sangha who are working on a project for prisoners at McNeil Island. We decided not to committ sangha funds at this time, and will post the notice in the lobby in case anyone is interested in getting involved.

2. Board mission and goals: We began our discussion of board mission and goals, looking at various parts of the board's work. Each board member is asked to write a job description for their positon, by the June meeting. This will eventually be added to our website. We also discussed ways to be more involved with the workgroups each member is overseeing. Checking in 3-4 times per year with reports during board meetings is one idea, as well as having workgroup members attend boardmeetings from time to time. Other areas to think about and talk about in the future include: a) What can we simplify in board duties and elsewhere in the sangha? b) Should we have more board members? c) Should the spiritual director be an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the board? These topics and others will continue to be discussed over the next few meetings. Next meeting Wednesday June 3, 530pm

Respectfully submitted John Wiley secretary

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