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2014-03 March Board Minutes

Red Cedar Zen Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

DATE: March 12, 2014
PRESENT:  Talus, John, Jeff   Tim and Chris absent

Encouraging Words
relationships, process, values and mission

Full Value Contract
We commit:
  • to maintaining physical, psychological, and emotional safety
  • to working together to foster both group and individual goals; giving the group what it needs and individuals what they need.
  • to speaking and listening fearlessly to one another and fully talking things through.

review agenda and set time limits

Old Business
1.  Linda Mariz has accepted the clerk position.  Thank you Linda, much appreciated.
2.  A review of progress on the guidelines for ethics and clear communication document is deferred until the next board meeting along with questions about joining the Twining Vines group of sanghas and the Northwest Dharma Association.
3.  There were no comments from members on the board's decision about dispersing the annual appeal money, so $1,000.00 can be released to Tim.  When other RCZC teachers have ideas about classes or other activities they want to offer, they are invited to present plans to Tim for discussion and planning.  The next step is to present a plan to the board either through Tim or by attending a board meeting.   The board can then designate some of the $1,000 to support their activities.  The third $1,000 can be used to cover expenses or supplement dana when teachers from outside the area present programs in Bellingham.
4.  The finance committee met in February (finance minutes are posted) and briefly discussed increasing the housing allowance for the spiritual director.  This topic will be addressed at the next finance committee meeting.

New Business
1.  There was some discussion about waving retreat fees for sangha members with time-consuming volunteer jobs.  This is a complicated issue.  We need to cover our expenses and retreats often generate extra income over the year.  The question of which jobs would qualify and where to draw the line is also complicated.  No decisions were made and the topic may be discussed again with the full board and in practice committee.
2.  The term we use for Tim's position---spiritual director--was discussed.  This title precedes his dharma transmission and the board wondered if a different title would be more appropriate.  This is a good topic for the practice committee with Tim involved.
3.  Talus will add a couple of things to the retreat manager's job description.  1. Reserve space for the sesshin on the dharma hall calendar through the building manager.  2.  Look at the costs and revenues of the retreat compared to the previous year and evaluate whether the fees we charge are adequate.

next meeting will be Wednesday April 2nd at 530pm

Respectfully submitted   John Wiley  secretary

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