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May 2013 Board Minutes

Red Cedar Zen Board of Directors Meeting – (date)
Board Minutes


encouraging words
full value contract
We commit:
  • to maintaining physical, psychological, and emotional safety
  • to working together to foster both group and individual goals; giving the group what it needs and individuals what they need.
  • to speaking and listening fearlessly to one another and fully talking things through.
review agenda and set time limits

Old Business
Garden Progress---The plumbing is finished and pavers and sand has been purchased.  Thanks to Bob Penny and others for all the work, including the Monday and Friday noon Zen folks who have been working on the garden.  There will be a garden work party on Saturday, May 18, from 9am until 2pm.

New Business

The board is working to develop tools and resources for resolving differences and clear communication within the sangha.  We want as much input as possible from sangha members about what is needed in developing this resource, so that we end up with something that members will use.   We would like to get feedback from the sangha conversation scheduled for Wednesday, May 15th during our usual Wednesday night meeting, and hope that those in attendance will share your experiences and  ideas about anything you want us to look at or provide to help with resolving differences and  encouraging clear communication.


This project will include clear written ethical guidelines and values supported by the sangha and it may be helpful to define more clearly what Red Cedar Zen Community does and does not offer.  As this project goes on, we will keep the sangha informed and want to get regular feedback and suggestions from members.  

Next board meeting will be Friday, June 7th from 4:15 to 5:45 pm at the Co-op connections building





John Wiley   secretary

meeting reflection
on relationships, process, values and mission
of good value
upholding the contract
sangha on the horizon

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