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May 2012 Board Minutes

Red Cedar Zen Board of Directors                         Meeting - May 2, 2012           

Board Minutes                                                                                   

PRESENT: Jeff, Tim, Talus, Joan, Edie


encouraging words

full value contract

We commit:

  • to maintaining physical, psychological, and emotional safety
  • to working together to foster both group and individual goals; giving the group what it needs and individuals what they need.
  • to speaking and listening fearlessly to one another and fully talking things through.

review agenda and set time limits

Old Business

1. Annual Fund Donations Thank you Card.  Edie will create postcard with B & W photo of our building and thank you message to send to all donors.  Tim will send Edie the wording for tax-exemption status.

2. Wednesday noon schedule change update.  Tim will update our brochure, our lobby notebook, and our web page regarding no more Wednesday noon zazen.  He will also try to recruit a member to take on the periodic responsibility of updating and getting materials printed, including orientation handouts for newcomers.

3. Monthly Work Day. On the April work day (third Saturday of the month) we had a good turn out to help assemble and mail out the annual fund letters-Thank you, everyone who participated!  The board discussed ways to encourage people to do similar specific tasks on these work days. It was decided that we might call and invite people we think might like to help on projects.  In particular, we're needing people to help with the garden; plus there are one or two kitchen tasks we can do together.  The next priority will be recruiting people to help put away the zendo equipment we will have used at the Samish sesshin.  We will need helpers on Saturday and/or Sunday, June 23-24. Talus and Tim will publicize this need. We will consider that weekend the June work day.

4. Monthly Public Program. At Marti's request, the board agreed to reorganize the coordination of these public talks on the first Saturday of the month, as follows:

  • Tim will be in charge of inviting and communicating with the speakers; he will also introduce the speaker at the event.  He will ask speakers to prepare short talks that don't require equipment such as projectors, etc., so that we don't have to support them technologically.
  • Joan will organize the publicity for the talks (coordinating poster making and printing and publicity in the local papers).
  • Marti will serve as Ino on those Saturdays, arranging for the doan, kokyo, tenken; also for refreshments to be offered following the talk.

We have speakers lined up for the next three talks: May 5 - Tim; June 2 - Nancy; July 7 David Rynick from the East coast.  We will skip August and start up again in September.

5. Finance Committee 501(c)3 status.  Talus reported that the committee did not meet in April due to schedule conflicts.  They will find another date and continue their work on developing our application for this federal tax exempt status.          

New Business

1. Outside Building Sign.  BIMS has asked to have their name, Bellingham Insight, on the RCZC sign. The board discussed its preferences for the sign's appearance, and Tim will take our recommendations to the BIMS representatives.  The board approved the expense of $100 - $150 for our portion of the project. Tim will email board members if any further decisions are required.

2. Wednesday night soji.  Edie observed that our current Saturday morning 15 minute cleaning with only a very few people working is not getting at some of the cleaning needs of our building.  She suggested that we do cleaning once a month (or at some variable time) on Wednesday evenings. The board agreed to this, and we started that very evening.  Eight or nine of us worked for 20 minutes and accomplished a lot of tasks that needed attention.  Thank you, all!

3. Quarterly Financial Report.  Talus provided last quarter's financial report (Jan.- Mar.), showing a slight deficit ($602.33) over plan for this first quarter. He advised us that this is nothing to worry about, given that we can anticipate income from the Samish sesshin (and perhaps the annual fund drive).  However, as treasurer, he admonishes us to be conscientious about our expenditures, as our annual budget is modest.

4. Mt. Rainier Hiking Retreat. As bookkeeper, Marti had raised the question about RCZC's financial responsibility for this summer's trip, which will be much longer and more extensive in scope than in former years.  Tim assured the board that the trip will be self-supporting, just like all our other retreats, with dana suggested for the trip leader, Bob Penny.  Registration and payment will be handled through our registrar, and supplies will be purchased with participant fees.  Tim will be meeting soon with Bob to finalize these details.

5. Fifth Wednesday Sangha Meeting.  Jeff noted that we will have a sangha meeting on May 30.  He asked the board to be thinking of topics, which any member can suggest as well.

6. Rental rate for Mindfulness Northwest (Tim's newly forming nonprofit organization).  Tim asked Talus to figure out what donation will be appropriate for Tim's organization's use of the Dharma Hall, once it is up and running.  Talus and the Finance committee will address the issues involved. For clarity with our nonprofit status, the board may need to consider elimination of the member discount on rentals. 

7. Art donation.  Tim showed the board the donation from Lois Bateson of a 19th century painting on rice paper of the Buddha surrounded by Bodhissatvas.  Tim donated the very nice framing for this painting. Tim will write a thank you to Lois, noting the tax exempt value, should she need that for her taxes.  Talus noted that the Finance committee needs to develop a system for recording and communicating the value of such donations for future use.

8. Next Board meeting.  Because of the Lotus Sutra study group meeting dates the first two weeks in June and the Samish sesshin dates in mid June, the board will not meet on its usual first Wednesday in June.  Instead they will meet on June 27 and make that meeting be for both June and July.

meeting reflection

on relationships, process, values and mission

of good value


upholding the contract

sangha on the horizon

Meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm.  NEXT MEETING:  June 27, 5:15 pm


Edie Norton, Secretary


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