Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

02.20.2010 Minutes

Red Cedar Zen Board of Directors

agenda                                                                                                                                  Saturday, February 20th 2010

In attendance: Joan Dow, Jeff Mckenna, Don McClary, Brian Davidson

full value contract

We commit:

  • to maintaining physical, psychological, and emotional safety
  • to working together to foster both group and individual goals; giving the group what it needs and individuals what they need.
  • to speaking and listening fearlessly to one another and fully talking things through.

Our Guest’s Business

None present

Our Old Business

Grant for Kids & Meditation: Tim was unavailable to come to this meeting and report on this topic. Joan talked to Whatcom Community Foundation and there is plenty of time to apply, and WECU has not annual deadline. Nancy is interested in the venue. It is a class for children and it would be difficult to hold it at a public school, so we would need to look into protocol.  Joan mentioned that the Kiwanis Club is child centered and may be interested. Don suggested partnering with Northwest Youth Services. They have a large meeting room.

decision: This item will be removed from the agenda. Joan and Nancy will head up this long term project and bring it back to the board when the time is right.

Workgroup and Board Vacancies: Jeff has not been able to get a hold of Christa.

decision: Continued to the next meeting.:

Spiritual Director Stipend: Board reviewed the annual financials, membership workgroup data and projections, and Finance Committee recommendations. Board agreed that we can at this time afford to instate the parsonage allowance and that it is a priority to do so. The Board voted today.

decision: Approved unanimously

action: Parsonage Allowance to begin as of March 1st to be distributed

action:  Don will contact Marti and get the process underway


Bylaws Review: update on previous actions:  (1) Date month change agreed to, (2) new language for Board terms will be drafted, (3) no change to bylaws needed, (4) no change to bylaws, support Brian in creating binder. Final language will be reviewed and approved and bylaws amended.

1)      Date of annual meeting: Bylaws say our annual meeting needs to be in November, want to switch to January. Revise that. Replace “November” with “January” in the bylaws. That meeting to be for the year ahead.

2)      Board terms: Bylaws say “two year terms…and until his or her successor is elected”  Don and Tim could change it to: “Two year terms are encouraged.”  TODO: propose language that handles the reality of peoples’ lives, that being on the Board is not an endless commitment, and should long serving members be “renewed” by the Board every 2 two years.

3)      Sangha consultation: Bylaws say Board appointments “in consultation with the sangha” – should that be further defined? Board said no, we agreed that we have a procedure to send an email and wait at least 2 weeks for comments to come in.

4)      Keep records: names/address of Board members, record of sangha members, correct and adequate records and accounts of corporation, minutes of the Board of directors. 
We have all of this available records online but will work with Brian to create a binder of organization documents and current minutes kept at the Hall.

decision: These bylaw recommendations will be amended

actions: Secretary will make the appropriate adjustments to the Bylaws

action: Brian will build the Board Binder


Our New Business

Excise Tax: When we buy and sell books we have to pay an excise tax. RZCZ would no longer offer to purchase books for classes ahead of time. Instead, when someone registers for a class RCZC supplies options on how to order the books i.e. Village Books or Amazon. On a case by case basis RCZC could ask Village Books to keep a certain amount of books on hand when we offer a class.  RCZC would carry in the bookstore a small amount of core books for sale. The taxes on these books would be managed easily by the clerk and bookkeeper.

decision: Policy approves.

action: Don will communicate the policy to Marti.

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