Red Cedar Zen Community, 1021 N Forest, Bellingham Washington

Board Minutes 2008-11-01

Leadership Council Meeting Minutes 2008-11-05


Tim, Greg, Latona, Brian


Zen account: $15500

Building account: $8005

Rent is $2369

Fund Raising Update

Drafts on begging letters didn't go well, focus on membership now and then go back to letter soon.

Hourly Rate

A little low, should we bump it up. (Greg) If we are low, should be raised. (Latona)Incongruities, no shoes and requirements for compassion or awareness. Law of supply and demand says no. (Brian)No shoes means a nicer place. Special rate for members of member groups. Consider weather group is charging. (Tim)Give Building Manager power to negotiate deals. Consider sliding scale.

DECISION: Empowered to Sustainability Workgroup.

Room Formerly Known as Earth

(Tim) Use as a free meeting room. (Diane) Need to supervise. Noise. (Tim, BIMS) Library, library/bookstore. Pros: High visibility, familiar friendly entry point for new users. Cons: Legalities of selling, work to make it happen.

DECISION: Move library into that room.

ACTION ITEMS: Note to John Graber from Tim.

Building workgroup to install shelving.

BIMS Updates on Rent and Relationships

(Greg) Red Cedar Zen Community to put $1200 per month from our operating account into the Building account to cover rent. (BIMS) Willing to $800, request times:

DECISION: $1200/month approved. Approve extra time for BIMS

ACTION ITEMS: Marti to make $1200/month transfer. Latona to notify BIMS.

Rename Red Cedar Dharma Hall

Surprise to us. Open to it. Not a big deal. (Greg) Table and put much more thought into it. (Tim) Pros and Cons either way. (Latona) Needs financial analysis. (Brian) We changed our name to fit this space when Bellingham Dharma Hall didn't want it continued, the name of the place is Red Cedar which gives us our name, maybe BIMS wants change their name to Red Cedar Insight Meditation Society.


Planning for the Sangha Meeting on Saturday

(Tim) Keep agenda and handouts as refresher. Bring out big chart and try to square out the board nominations. Google sites technology to organize workgroups would be a place for minutes. Presentation on this site as part of the workgroup idea. Might not be time for it. (Latona) We had promised finalization on board membership.

DECISION: Approved.

Brian Davidson as Secretary Nominee

Already has been thinking about internal communication. Clarification on job role. (Tim) Task is to avoid the typical scenario of decision makers not realizing that members are not following along.

DECISION: Approved.

Jeff McKenna – President Nominee

Lots of experience and member of many communities. Hesitation that he hasn't sat a lot of Zen practice. (Jeff per Tim) I need to be able to trust you guys to tell me when I'm not connecting with Buddhism. If I do this we need to do it right, which would mean improving process. (Tim) This may require more hours than the current LC has been doing. (Greg) He has the experience to get us off to a good start. Appreciate that he is willing, but not power grabbing. (Latona) Board membership would have some tasks taken over by workgroups. (Brian) My experience makes clear process exciting because of productivity.

DECISION: Jeff, what you are saying is the best possible. Please address the Sangha with your concerns and request for a mandate as you suggested.


Ratification by-laws presented at last sangha meeting.

DECISION: Approved.

Replacement of Leadership Council by Board

Leadership Council is dissolved pending sangha ratification of proposed board at the sangha meeting this weekend. Board empowered to start meeting and governing in the spirit of communication outlined at the sangha meeting.

DECISION: Approved.

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