Seven Factors of Awakening – talk 4 – Energy (Diligence Continued)


I didn’t write out such clear notes for this talk, you may enjoy the recording more in this case.

Let’s pause on energy, the 3rd of our 7 factors of awakening today because it’s such a big one for us. We try to hard. We are too tired. We undermine our practice in various ways with our judgments and doubts. It’s hard to get motivated. It’s hard not to indulge in habits of suffering and reactivity.

The contraction around self. I am trying hard, I am going to it right. Versus showing up as best as I can letting go of pass/fail and being willing to really be there in that moment of practice. Wholehearted. Spacious. Aliveness.

Maybe some help from the Buddha here. He suggested a list of ways to around energy:

1) Reflect on the states of misery you can fall into if you’re lazy
2) Reflect on the benefits of energy
3) Remembering the noble ones
4) Remembering the noble heritage (that we are exposed to the dharma)
5) Appreciation for support – the many ways, people, circumstances that support our life
6) Remembering the inspiration of the Buddha
7) Remembering the inspiration of good friends on the path.
8) Avoiding lazy people.
9) Spending time with energetic friends
10) Inclining the mind towards developing energy

And I found a very similar list about developing mindfulness:

1) Practice mindfulness and clear comprehension
2) Avoid unmindful people
3) Choose mindful friends
4) Incline the mind towards mindfulness


About Nomon Tim Burnett

Spiritual Director and Zen priest Nomon Tim Burnett has been a student of Zoketsu Norman Fischer since 1987 when he was a resident at San Francisco Zen Center's Green Gulch Farm. After sitting practice periods at Green Gulch and Tassajara Zen Monastery, Tim helped found the Bellingham Zen Practice Group in 1991. Tim was ordained as a Zen Priest by Norman in 2000 and received Dharma Transmission in July, 2011. A person of wide-ranging professional interests, Tim has been a botanist, carpenter, elementary school teacher, writer, and computer programmer. In addition to his work at the Spiritual Director of Red Cedar Zen Community, Tim is Executive Director of Mindfulness Northwest.
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